Download Christic Baptism and Patristic Baptism: An Inquiry into the Meaning of the Word As Determined by the Usage of the Holy Scriptures and Patristic Writings ePub/PDF/Kindle books

In the 19th century, Dr. James W. Dale, a Presbyterian minister, embarked on a scholarly project that proved to be the most exhaustive study ever undertaken on the word 'baptism.' Aiming at a contextual understanding of the work, Dr. Dale meticulously examined its use in a wide range of historical documents, and his analysis is a masterpiece of lexicographical scholarship.

Dr. Dale published his findings in four volumes, and for the first time in many years all four of these distinguished texts are available, offering a valuable resource for students and scholars of language, religion, and history.

Also available:

Judaic Baptism: Baptizo : An Inquiry into the Meaning of the Word As Determined by the Usage of Jewish and Patristic Writers - ISBN 0865162476
Johannic Baptism: Baptizo : An Inquiry into the Meaning of the Word As Determined by the Usage of the Holy Scriptures - ISBN 086516259X

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