Download Photography: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide! ePub/PDF/Kindle books

B/W Edition

Ready to Start Taking Photos Like a PRO?

This book will teach you how to handle your DSLR. But mostly, it will be focused on how you can and must control the light in your photo using your camera. In photography, lighting is everything.

Even if you master the functions of your camera, getting a high quality photo will be difficult if you don't even understand the importance of manipulating and taking advantage of the light sources around the scene you want to take. Although, if you have a “good eye” for aesthetics, you can.

But the question is, do you have that “good eye”?

It will be assumed that you do not have one. However, if you do and you just want to learn using your camera, this book can still be a useful guide for you.

Anyway, enough chitchat, and get a move on the first chapter.

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