Download The War on Human Nature in Australia's Political Culture: Collected Essays ePub/PDF/Kindle books

The social sciences’ rejection of human nature has impoverished the West’s political culture. Radical ideologies feed on ignorance of human instincts for reproduction, family, and identity. Ignoring the vast knowledge accumulated by the disciplines of behavioural biology has led to maladaptive policy and doctrine. Effects include the colonization of Western societies by non-European immigration, the inverted ethnic hierarchies enforced by political correctness, and radical gender ideologies. The trend is evident in Australia, where university departments of sociology, cultural anthropology and political science are devoid of biologically-oriented courses.

This series of six articles, five originally published in Quadrant magazine from 2010 to 2012, examines that intellectual poverty in Australia. The focus is on irrationality in academic and media discussions of gender and ethnicity, including feminism, sex differences, national identity, ethno-cultural diversity, multiculturalism and immigration. The final chapter examines the sometimes controversial career of Hiram Caton, a prominent scholar who fought to introduce the sciences of human nature to the humanities and social studies in Australia.

“If you are tired of the anti-scientific attitude of social scientists and eager for a very knowledgeable statement on the indispensability of the naturalistic study of human behaviour, read this book.” - Ricardo Duchesne

“A fine contribution to the literature of dissent against multiculturalism, mass Third World immigration, and white ethnomasochism.” - John Derbyshire

“Illustrates the unsustainability of present elite sponsored social policy, and suggests ways through which Australia may avoid the disastrous consequences of hegemonic ‘progressive’ ideology.” - Edwin Dyga, founder of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum
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