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15 Minute Summary of Find Your Why by Simon Sinek

Want to discover the key concepts from this top leadership book but don’t have time to read the whole book?

This summary of Find Your Why will help you:

  • Understand the main ideas of the book within 15 minutes. The summary will help you find your personal WHY as well as the WHY for the groups that you lead.
  • Avoid getting lost in the details of a 250-page book. This streamlined summary will focus on the key details of Find Your Why while “trimming the fat” from unnecessary stories and redundant wording.
  • Immediately apply the key concepts from the book. Use our 12 questions from The 30 Minute Workbook to discover how the lessons from the book apply to your unique situation.
  • Summarize the main points of each chapter within 1 minute. Our One Minute Action Guide at the end of the book recaps each chapter in 1-2 sentences to help you see how each chapter flows with the others.

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Estimated reading time: 15 Minutes

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